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Artis Suavitas Aps

The Artis Suavitas Aps Association was born in October 2018 with the aim of promoting the cultural, social, tourist and recreational enhancement and promotion of our country.

The guidelines of the enhancement policy of this priceless heritage are based on the desire to contribute to the rediscovery of the identity of our territory, relaunching its best vocations and contributing to the development and dissemination of cultural and social activities through the promotion and implementation of initiatives , events, exhibitions, meetings, conferences and still shows, entertainment and cultural travel. A passion transformed into a constant and dynamic commitment aimed at the cultural and civil growth of the community, which also has the precise intention of soliciting civil society in the promotion of democratic legality and justice and in educating to legality.


The Artis Suavitas APS Association is a registered non-profit organization, pursuant to and by effect of art. 54 of Legislative Decree n. 117/2017 and of the art. 31 co. 7 of the Ministerial Decree n.106/2020, in the "Social promotion associations" section of the RUNTS, pursuant to art. 46, co. 1, lit. b) of Legislative Decree no. 117/2017.

The Association was born by the will of Antonio Larizza, Lawyer lent to institutional commitment who, in addition to being a highly appreciated lawyer, has an innate vocation for Art, in all its forms and expressions. Its action is aimed at intriguing, fascinating and guiding the new generations towards a new conception of the territory, bringing young people closer to culture and breaking that dogma which sees it as the prerogative of a select few.

He lives in Avella (AV) where he was President of the Public Participation Foundation "Avella Città d'Arte" from 2011 to 2019 for three consecutive terms: an experience based on the strength of ideas and passion that led to results extraordinary territorial promotion and valorisation. From 2019 to 2022 he was then a member of the Board of Directors of the "Sistema Irpinia" Foundation, set up by the Provincial Institution with the aim of relaunching the new cultural identity of Irpinia, with responsibility for relations with the Associations as well as training school and events. On 17 December 2021 in Montoro (AV), in the extraordinary setting of Palazzo Macchiarelli, he was awarded the "Premio Due Principati" alla Cultura.

To the excellence


The identification of the personalities who are awarded the Artis Suavitas Prize year after year is handled by a scientific committee of absolute prestige.

The Scientific Committee awards the prize to international personalities who, with their commitment, have contributed to making our nation known, enhancing its artistic, cultural, economic and human as well as civil and democratic heritage.

Antonio Fiordellisi

Zurich Bank Manager

Antonello Paolo Perillo

RAI journalist

Iginio Massari

Maestro Pasticciere

The President

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